All I Want Is Everything

What will you recall when you read the title? You may find yourself remembering one of Def Leppard’s songs “All I Want Is Everything”. Thus by doing so, you make my point here.  Though this song from Def Leppard is actually about a man living with HIV/AIDS (All I Want Is Everything(Def Leppard Song), Wikipedia) but as we all know that the generation of meaning of a work of art may be different from the author’s intended meaning. That is why I talk about this song from my personal perspective, my point of view.

Listening this song may bring us into three good movies entitled “The Lost Bladesman”, “Bruce Almighty”, and “The Butterfly Effect”. As the song gives you a question: “All I want is everything, am I asking too much?”, another question comes ahead: can we get everything in our life? You may answer the questions quite easily. But, here is my reply.

Yes, you are asking too much and being fool when you want to have everything. And frankly, you cannot have everything because it will not happen in reality. You have to choose and let go some things. Wanting everything will make you suffer. I can take this into a dialogue from “The Lost Bladesman” between a general and a monk. The monk tells the general to live on the heaven path and not to live in a hell. The general will continue to live in hell if he wants everything. If everyone wants everything and does not limit himself, everyone will always excuse himself from deviating the correct path. This uncontrolled-minds will make unpeaceful world.

Imagine when everyone has everything they want. The world will stop; it collapses. When one has everything, he will not need others. There will be no love and compassion. We enjoy and live this world because of others. We are proud of ourselves because we are needed by others; our being is appreciated. Thus we really experience this world colorfully. This great design of the world was and is created by God to give us the chance to experience this world meaningfully. “Bruce Almighty” teaches us what happens when everyone gets what they want. Have you ever really thought what happens if you want everyone has the same faith as yours? Have you ever imagined if everyone wants to be beautiful and they get it. I know this may sound goofy for you, but how can you see the colors of the world when you see all things have no defect? How can you say that you are a true-believer when you have no one to address as a non-believer? Will you call someone as beautiful one when everyone is beautiful?

What makes this reply correlate to “The Butterfly Effect” is a lesson from the movie. We may fail, be lack of something, and not have something in our life. However, this condition essentially lets other happenings which involve others occur. The plot of your life needs others. How can we need each other if everyone has no flaw and imperfection?

Don’t you think it will be a catastrophe to have no one to talk to; a talk about your failure and misfortune that connects your heart to whom you talk to? Don’t you think it will be so difficult to make a talk without any story of failure or your fear of being failure? So forgive your failure, enjoy your lackness, and appreciate others’ lackness and “perfectness” because you need them to make you and others exist in this colorful world; or are you now singing Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth”?

So, where was I? Ouch, talking about Def Leppard’s song “All I Want Is Everything”, wasn’t I? In conclusion, let me put this way. According to this song, it is obvious that you’ve got to remove the want to have everything, you’ve got to take this and let loose that, vice versa. This will make your life plot flow. Don’t regret it because after all every choice has its effect and lost. You cannot have everything as you cannot win everything. When you start to regret something, remember that this is life “Pilihanmu saban hari menjemput, saban kali bertukar” (Chairil Anwar, 1993: 41). It is natural to contemplate “what if” like Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” but can you draw precisely and deal the other consequences that may come from choosing the other choice you didn’t take?


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