Were I Arsene Wenger

Were I Arsene Wenger,

  1. I would realize that football has changed so fast, the club need to spend some money to buy some quality players.
  2. I would sell:
    1. Almunia, because the club have had Szczesny dan Fabiansky.
    2. Denilson, because he has lost his speed for EPL.
    3. Diaby, because he is a moody player and we don’t need one.
    4. Squillaci, because he doesn’t have the quality for EPL’s fast play.
    5. Koscielny, because this young man makes a lot of mistakes in handling the ball in the air. However, we might give him time to see whether he is improving or not.
    6. Van Persie, because he wastes lots of chances in the box and doesn’t have the ability to hold the ball near the box.
    7. Rosicky, because he doesn’t belong to EPL anymore when talking about the spirit of kick and rush.
    8. Gibbs, because he is truly a bad fullback.
    9. Walcott, because many times he plays with no brain. He takes the ball into the box but then he passes to no one.
    10. Bendtner, because I have ignored his talent and now he looks like a player with no motivation.
  3. I would listen to my fanatic fans like Homey, B.S. Thom, Adam Kemp, and Arsenal Legend; Ian Wright.
  4. I would “splash the cash” for some quality players while not ignoring to create new stars from my own soccer schools.
  5. I wouldn’t lie to myself or be naive not to blame myself and my players when things go wrong.
  6. I wouldn’t make any excuse no more to blame the refs, and or the opponent’s tactic.
  7. I would find one or two true leader(s) for my team. He must be the one who has a great fighting spirit.
  8. I would pray a lot to keep Arsenal supporters support me along the way.
  9. I would not live in dreamland anymore.

Unfortunately, I am not Arsene Wenger. I am just an ordinary fan who wants changes in my favorite club.

I just read what others feel on Operation Wenger Must Go. Boldly, we want him to leave. It’s that simple.