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Let's Call Them Connected

One song that people remember from Billy Ocean is “There’ll be Sad Songs”. This song in its refrain sings:

“There’ll be sad songs to make you cry, love songs often do,
They can touch the heart of someone new saying I love you, I love you.”

Ya, we do have memories. Memories from our past times we cannot easily forget. Some of these memories will come again when we hear “love songs”. Even when the songs are new, the words within and the perfect melody will ignite old things in our brain we previously forget.

It is something good if you are able to learn to move on and take some lesson from our past times. However, it will be something bad when you expect more from them and say: “what if”. This kind of wishful thinking must not be kept because life has its own path and variables you can’t control (cf. “Butterfly Effect”, the movie). So move on, you cannot stand still because life goes on, boldly say, with or without you.

Talking about “love songs” which can touch the heart of someone new and resurrect long past memories, there are two songs you may have a look. The first song is from Didi Kempot, while the second song is from Adele. Let’s explore the lyrics:

SEWU KUTHA by Didi Kempot


Sewu kutha uwis tak liwati Thousand cities, been travelling from
Sewu ati tak takoni Thousand hearts, been searching for
Nanging kabeh Pada ra ngerteni But none has the answer
Lungamu neng endi Where you exactly are
Pirang tahun aku nggoleki Been some years now
Seprene durung bisa nemoni I couldn’t find you
Wis tak coba nglaliake I’ve tried
Jenengmu saka atiku To forget you
Sak tenane aku ora ngapusi You must know it’s true
Isih tresna sliramu I can’t forget you still
Umpamane kowe uwis mulya If, I hear the news, a good one, sayin’ you’re doing well and settled down
Lila aku lila I’ll be okay, I’ll be happy to hear that
Yo mung siji dadi panyuwunku But one thing been wishing for
Aku pengin ketemu I want to meet you, be my heart sown
Senajan sak kedeping mata (wektu mung sedhela) Even it lasts in couple seconds, a short time
(Tak) Kanggo tamba kangen jroning dada That’ll redeem my lonely heart



I heard Aku krungu
That you’re settled down Yen kowe uwis mulya
That you Yen kowe
Found a girl Uwis nemu wong wedhok
And you’re Sing kowe tresna
Married now Uwis omah-omah
I heard Aku krungu
That your dreams came true. Yen mimpi-mimpimu dadi kasunyatan
Guess she gave you things Tak pikir mesti bojomu maring kowe
I didn’t give to you Sing aku ora isa manehi
Old friend Duh kanca lawas sing tak tresna
Why you so shy? Kena apa kowe rak ngirim warta?
Ain’t like you to hold back Apa kowe uwis malih, wiwit ora maring kabar?
Or hide from the light Apa kowe pancen uwis beda, wiwit ora kandan?
I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited Aku sak jane ora pati’a seneng crita jaman semana
But I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it. Nanging aku gak isa nahan ora crita
I hoped you’d see my face and be reminded Aku ngarep misal kowe ketemu aku, nyawang raiku, kowe banjur kelingan
That for me it isn’t over Kanggoku, crita lawas ora bisa luntur
Never mind Luweh, luweh sak karepmu
I’ll find someone, like you Aku bakal oleh gantimu
I wish nothing but the best for you, too Aku hanyuwun Gusti, kowe urip raharja
Don’t forget me I beg Aku njaluk kowe aja lali marang aku
I remember you said Aku kelingan kocapmu mbiyen
“Sometimes it lasts in love “Kadang asmara kuwi sak lawase langgeng
But sometimes it hurts instead.” Naming kadang asmara nggawe lara ati, gawe kuciwa”
Sometimes it lasts in love Ya, aku kelingan kocapmu mbiyen: Kadang asmara kuwi sak lawase langgeng
But sometimes it hurts instead, naming kadang asmara nggawe lara ati, gawe kuciwa.
Yeah. Ya, aku kelingan.
You know how Kowe ngerti piye
The time flies ra krasa wektu iku cepet mlaku
Only yesterday Kethoke lagi wingi
It was the time of our lives Aku lan kowe ijik bebarengan
We were born and raised Aku lan kowe nang ndusun
In a summer haze Urip lan ngrasakke urip seneng
Bound by the surprise Aku isih durung isa lali
Of our glory days Marang urip jaman dewe isih sak dusun
Nothing compares Ora ana sing ana kanggo mbandingke
No worries or cares Jaman ning ndusun, ora ana khawatir urip, ora nggagas butuh
Regrets and mistakes Ora kelara-lara sebab ora kenal dosa lan ruwet ukara
And memories made. Ora ana sing kanggo mbandingke, crita lawas jaman aku karo kowe
Who would have known Sapa sing bisa ngira
How bittersweet Rasa remuk, rasa lara
This would taste? Sing saiki tak rasa?

I know it is funny (for a personal reason) to compare both songs. But when the first I heard this song from Adele, I instantly remembered the song from Didi Kempot. They sound like connected. They talk about the lost lover. They talk about the eagerness to have a meeting with the lost lover. Their tone is overly melancholic yet they touch you every time you listen to them. They may make you weep.

But above all, though they may electrify those dead old times sad memories, please remember that you cannot turn back the time. Enjoy your present life and respect your future life. Do I make some points here? Do you agree with me? You have to move on. So, everytime you listen to those songs, or other songs like: Elvis’ “Always on My Mind” and “Over My Shoulder” from Mike and The Mechanics, you may weep but you don’t have to regret your past because you still have lots and lots ahead!

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