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Some Tips for Windows XP Users

Having a sluggish computer is frustrating right? So I will share some tips to make your computer better. I am not a tech-expert so the tips here is based on my experience only. The software needed here are all freeware and computer-newbie-friendly. Caution, this tips goes only for home computer only due to its basic settings and security. [And one good news is that you can download them from my “Free Games and Utilities +” page]

  1. Keep every disk partition having at least 25% free. The more the better. It will improve the speed your computer. Delete your unnecessary data-files. If you uninstall a software, please make sure that you delete also the installation folder inside Drive C:Program Files.
  2. Delete unnecessary files from the use of your computer. Temporary files, un-used registry, etc. are not good for your computer. Delete them. You can use CCleaner from Piriform. Make this action as your routine activity.
  3. Do a routine-defragmentation on your hard disk. You can use Defraggler from Piriform. There is a quick-defrag feature you can use for a fast result.
  4. Check the security of your computer. Check whether your computer is virus, trojan, malware, etc. free. To do this, I combine Avast antivirus and Smadav Indonesian Antivirus. For the first time using, it is better that you scan your computer thoroughly. I recommend you install Avast first and then do the scan. When you finish doing that, you can continue installing Smadav Indonesian Antivirus and do System Area (Deep) scanning. The combination of these two antiviruses works great. IF, you feel that your computer is still slow, you can modify your Avast Antivirus. Use the features from Avast Antivirus which are relevant to your needs. For example: You can permanently turn off P2P and IM Shields on Avast Antivirus. To do this, just double clik Avast Antivirus icon on your system tray and then click Real Time Shields. From here you can manage all the shields provided by Avast Antivirus. According to my experience, by selecting features fit to your needs only will help your computer work faster. Another example is by turning off your Avast Antivirus all automatic updates. When you find the Avast Antivirus icon on your system tray having “warning mark” after you turn off all the automatic updates, you can double clik Avast Antivirus icon on your system tray and then click Setting to make the “warning mark” gone. Just go to Status Bar and un-tick the notification you remove previously.
  5. Check the “normality” of your Operating System; Windows XP. To do this, you can use Smadav Indonesian Antivirus. It works light yet great. (PS: you may skip this tips when you have done tips #4)
  6. Set up your computer into its best performance (and NOT appearance). To do this you can go to Windows Control Panel –> System –> Advanced –> Settings (on Performance) –> Adjust for Best Performance (on Visual Effects). Or you can use a software from Subin Ninan, “System Tweaks”, to manage how your computer works.
  7. Increase the Virtual Memory of your computer. Go to Windows Control Panel –> System –> Advanced –> Settings (on Performance) –> Advanced –> Virtual Memory –> Change. Set the amount of your hard drive space allocated for it more than recommended.
  8. Turn off all Windows automatic updates.
  9. Turn off Java and all software updates you installed on your computer. If you want to check updated softwares, you can visit softpedia.com. This site provides you the newest software with review so you can choose whether to upgrade or not.
  10. Turn off all Temporary Internet files updates. To do this you can go to Windows Control Panel –> Internet Options –> Settings (on Temporary Internet files) and then tick Never, right after this you MAY reduce the capacity you provide from your hard drive for Temporary Internet files and the “days” for history list.
  11. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer and you want to load it faster, go to option and turn off Update Automatic Links at Open. To do this, just open your Word, click Tools (on the top of your Word), click option –> General –> un-tick Update Automatic Links at Open. (This tips works also for M-PowerPoint and M-Excel)
  12. When you feel that your computer is starting to slow (again), you can do tips # 1 – 6, of course you dont have to do tips #4, 7-11.
  13. For extra protection, you might want to install BufferZonePro on your Windows XP. This will make your computer safer. But, it is not a must. If you have low specs, it’ll hog your computer. From my experience, Avast and Smadav will work great for your home computer. Additional tips, you can install “No Autorun” to protect your computer from autorun.inf which usually comes from USB pen-drive. This utility is so light yet effective to protect your computer from autorun.inf threat.

I think that will be all. Hope this tips works well also on your computer.


This article’s title was “Some Advice…” but then I changed it into “Some Tips…”

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