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Don't Worry Be Happy

This is not the story of  Eddie Morra in Limitless because we do not want such drug to boost our brain as we do not want also to get old too soon, do we?

But I think this is probably what you get when you stop your pace as Keane (feat. K’naan) sing this irony in Stop for A Minute. When you stop for a minute and think about your life and your world, you will get confused. This is the irony of modern life, I guess.

You feel that there are so many inputs in your brain that you should haven’t had. These inputs do not make you wiser but at some degree, they make you like loser. It makes you like a loser because so many times you forget so many details in your life. Your brain is ladened already while so many new inputs are coming in and you realize that your brain cannot contain. Your brain is getting old as you are. You want to be invincible, be like diamond, be forever young, but that happens only in a good-but-silly song.

[It seems like Alphaville are singing their song, Forever Young, in your ears.]

You feel that you are not free because you are engaged to so many daily activities for 24/7.

When you look for some kind of amusement, you cannot get any.

When you are staring at yourself in a mirror, you hardly recognize whose face in the mirror.

Who is fooling you then?

Are you going to blame yourself for this condition?

What makes it worse is that you are also starting to question what’s real what’s not.

Ah, this delusional world!

What would you do then? If you see yourself as so-called pathetic, weirdo, crazy, freak?

If you give me the same question, I will say that:

  1. I don’t give a shit because I do believe that everyone actually faces the same situation also in his life, whatever people may call one’s life as perfect a.k.a flawless.
  2. I enjoy my life, when I see my face in the mirror, I would probably say: “Ye The Almighty, forgive this man always”.
  3. I always thank to The Almighty for my faith, my life, my family.
  4. I always see myself as a different self, unique, and “great”. I’m proud of myself but I do respect others.

If you are now facing this kind of situation where you feel burnt out, aimless, powerless, or hopeless. Just relax.

All what you need is to forgive yourself for imperfection.

Take a leave, take two or three days off.

Turn off your TV, make yourself offline also.

Just blame this on the rain (as Milli Vanilli does 🙂 in Blame It on the Rain) or blame this on horoscopes (as Keane and K’naan pitiably do this in Stop for A Minute) or you can blame your hormones for this but don’t blame yourself or others or The Almighty.

Do you want to get knife and rope now? No, just don’t do that; you’ve got to read Subagio Sastrowardoyo’s Sajak while listening to Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry be Happy.

Here is Sastrowardoyo’s Sajak (1999: 23):

Sajak Poem
Apakah arti sajak ini. What may this poem be significant for me.
Kalau anak semalam batuk-batuk, If last night my son kept coughing
bau vicks dan kayu putih the smell of VICKS and cajuput oil
melekat di kelambu lingers on our bed netting
Kalau istri terus mengeluh If my wife keeps complaining
tentang kurang tidur, tentang about sleepless nights, and
gajiku yang tekor buat the lackness of my salary for
bayar dokter, bujang dan makan sehari paying our son’s doctor, and our daily nutrition
Kalau terbayang pantalon If, I think about my torn up suit
sudah sebulan sobek tak terjahit. its been a month waiting for tailoring.
Apakah arti sajak ini. What may this poem be significant for me.
Kalau saban malam aku lama terbangun If I always wake in the midnight and then I can’t back to bed
Hidup ini makin mengikat dan mengurung My life is getting hard and attaching me tight
Apakah arti sajak ini: What may this poem be significant for me:
Piaraan anggerek tricolor di rumah atau My only available amusement; an orchid at home or
Pelarian kecut ke hari akhir A faraway escapement; a heaven above
Ah, sajak ini, Ah, this poem,
mengingatkan aku kepada langit dan mega. reminds me of the sky and its clouds.
Sajak ini mengingatkan kepada kisah dan keabadian. This poem reminds me of fairy-tales and eternity.
Sajak ini melupakan aku kepada pisau dan tali. This poem forgets me to knife and rope.
Sajak ini melupakan kepada bunuh diri. This helps me forget everything about commiting suicide.


Just enjoy yourself, enjoy your day, enjoy your life, and forget silly things you intend to do. I am here to listen to you.


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Based on a work at dipanugraha.blog.com.

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