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On Toto Sudarto Bachtiar's "Rumah"

Kulihat dari cahya bulan di pekarangan I look at it, in the moonlight, from the frontyard
Serambiku kelam dan berudara sepi The terrace is a bit dark and the air doesn’t seem to exist there
Tidak ada suara, tiada pula bayangan No voice heard, nor shadow seen
Kecuali sahabatku, semuanya pergi But my best friend, others don’t fit in
Terkadang terasa perlunya ke rumah Sometimes, you feel the need to come home
Atau terasa perlunya tak pulang ke rumah But sometimes, you need not to come home
Bercerita dan berkaca pada hari-hari kupunya That I tell you from the experiences me been through
Di rumahku besar sekali nubuah sebuah kisah In the house of mine, a story has taught me lots.
Kalau aku tiba, terdengar suara berdetak tiba-tiba Now, everytime I come home, at certain point of worrying, my heart always beats very fast
Malu-malu hati sahabatku rupanya ikut bicara He, my best friend, as usual, always comforts me
Tanpa tekanan yang mendesak atau tinggi hati Never he judges me about my home-leaving.
Alangkah cintanya dia padaku I see it clear how he loves and understands me.
Terkadang sebelum masuk rumah Sometimes, before I step on the terrace and knock on the door
Aku melihat ke atap dan bertanya-tanya I stare at the roof top and ask myself
Adakah dia di dalam, masihkah dia cinta Is herself in, Does she love me still?
Alangkah besar rasanya hidup, bila hatiku tidak gelisah To be honest, this would surely be a blithesome life, if this mind, isn’t flustered.
Toto Sudarto Bachtiar, Etsa (Sajak-sajak) cetakan kedua, 1962, Jakarta: PT Pembangunan, hlm. 24  
Rumah (Credit: mewarnai.us)

Rumah (Credit: mewarnai.us)

When I met this poem for the first time, I felt that I needed to read it many times and I did indeed. This is a beautiful poem but sentimental. Until now, I always recite two lines from this poem during my motorcycle riding. They are beautiful: “Terkadang terasa perlunya ke rumah. Atau terasa perlunya tak pulang ke rumah.”. When I recite these lines, It does not mean that I intend not to come home. It just that these lines, by their context related to the poem, have created a mystical atmosphere about homecoming. It always reminds me of the opening line from a poem Tiada written by Joko Pinurbo: “Tiada pengembara yang tidak merindukan sebuah rumah” No wanderer never misses his home. As we may say that the reason is simply because home is a place where we will feel better as Romeo sing this in Coming Home: “It’s so cold in this city. … Two more nights, this feeling will be over” or is a place where we do not feel alone [or lonely] as Michael Buble says about it in Home, or home is a place where one’s heart stays; a place where one’s wife and kid(s) live as Ari Pahala Hutabarat states it in his poem Membangun Rumah. But one thing for sure, home is a something that always calls you to come back where ever you go.

in response to: Juliette Wade’s writing at TalkToYoUniverse

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